Oak Ridges Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine Clinic

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About the clinic

Oak Ridges Physiotherapy was opened in September 2002.  The clinic is 1750 square feet consisting of high tech and modern equipment.  The clinic has a full exercise gym- treadmill, elliptical, stepper, wall pulleys, leg press, leg extension table, recumbent bike, balance boards and free weights.  Modalities include heat packs, cold packs, lumbar traction, ultrasound, autosound, interferential current, tens, muscle stimulations, paraffin wax and acupuncture.

The clinic also offers custom braces for ligament and joint injuries, so athletes can return to the field as soon as possible.  Ankle supports, elbow clasps, aircast walkers, Obus Forme supports, memory foam pillows and first aid supplies can be readily be ordered and fitted through our numerous suppliers.

Services available at Oak Ridges Physiotherapy



Massage Therapy


Custom Bracing




Oak Ridges Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine Clinic